On the App Store, developers can't hear you scream.

A note if you're leaving a review for any app on the App Store:

  • Reviews are very helpful for letting the world know what you think of an app. Additionally, the more reviews an app gets, the higher it ranks when someone searches the App Store, which improves its visibility and "discoverability".
  • Developers of the app can't reply to your reviews. So, if your review contains some kind of support request ("the app crashes when I do X"), the developer can't get in touch with you to help.
  • Developers must provide a support link when they submit an app to the App Store. This should ideally provide you with a way to contact them (we include a link to our contact page), or at the very least link to an FAQ (frequently-asked questions—Per's website includes a direct link).

If you need help, or if you have an idea for how a developer can make their app even better, the support link is the best way to be heard.