Free Non-Trial for Apps

On Friday, both Per and HoneyJar were made free for a limited time.

Yeah, we don't really need Per to tell us which option is the better deal.

Yeah, we don't really need Per to tell us which option is the better deal.


Developers can't offer free trials to their customers on the App Store, and customers aren't always willing to commit dollars to new apps. That's normal. Even though most apps cost less than a cup of coffee, at least a cup of coffee is something that people know and understand—everyone knows what a cup of coffee offers and can easily decide if it's worth the price.

Apps—especially new, unrated apps from lesser-known companies and developers—don't necessarily have that kind of obvious value. Sure, you can check the app's website, or watch a cool preview video on its App Store page, but most people just won't invest that kind of time and effort.

HoneyJar shows us that the real cost of downloading a free app is... nothing.

HoneyJar shows us that the real cost of downloading a free app is... nothing.


It's not a sustainable business model in any way, so it won't happen often (if ever), but by making apps free for a short period of time—in this case, one week—people get a chance to try them with no commitment.

It's the next best thing to a free trial.


Per v1.1 released


A few little tweaks, enhancements, and bug fixes for you in this new version of Per:

See all the things

Some view adjustments for iPhone 4s and iPhone 5/5c/5s users now put all the fields on screen, for more happy-tappy UI goodness.

Globalization, yo

You can now choose the type of non-metric units used in your area (US vs. UK) from the Info page.

Nuke the site from orbit (it's the only way to be sure)

You can now clear the text from all the fields with one button tap, from the new Clear button (⊗) in the keyboard toolbar.

The tie was a lie

Previously, if you'd tried to compare things where either the price or the units (or both) were zero, Per told you it was a tie. Per spent some time in the corner and thought about what it'd done, and now helpfully tells you instead that you've forgotten to enter a value.

Squish squash squoosh

We can neither confirm nor deny that bugs were discovered. But if they were, they were fixed.

Per 1.1 is now available for download on the App Store. And remember: Per will never annoy you for a review, but they really do help. Won't you consider leaving one?

On the App Store, developers can't hear you scream.

A note if you're leaving a review for any app on the App Store:

  • Reviews are very helpful for letting the world know what you think of an app. Additionally, the more reviews an app gets, the higher it ranks when someone searches the App Store, which improves its visibility and "discoverability".
  • Developers of the app can't reply to your reviews. So, if your review contains some kind of support request ("the app crashes when I do X"), the developer can't get in touch with you to help.
  • Developers must provide a support link when they submit an app to the App Store. This should ideally provide you with a way to contact them (we include a link to our contact page), or at the very least link to an FAQ (frequently-asked questions—Per's website includes a direct link).

If you need help, or if you have an idea for how a developer can make their app even better, the support link is the best way to be heard.

Hello, Per.


Pop quiz, hotshot: you're in produce section at the supermarket, and you need carrots for tonight's dinner.

Raw carrots are $1.09 per pound. Washed baby carrots are $1.99 for 907 grams.

What do you do?



Per was created to answer exactly that question. It was inspired by my wife, who literally turned to me at the grocery store and said,

"You should write an app that tells me which of these options is a better deal. Also, you're very handsome, and have a fantastic sense of humour."

Flattery being my weakness, work began. Three months later, I'm happy to say: Per is now available on the App Store.

Sure, you can use any calculator to compare unit price, but Per adds a few neat little features for your comparison-shopping pleasure:

  • Convert between units: Just tell Per what units each options is in, and it'll sort out the conversion for you. Easy.
  • Enter math directly: No need to do math in your head or switch over to other apps. Use Per's math toolbar and let it do the calculation for you.
  • Know how good the deal is: Per tells you just how much more you're getting for your money, so that you can decide if it's worth the purchase.

Download Per now, shop smarter, and save money. I think you'll love it.